The last day on Stanley

This was my last day doing the run from Stanley to Thistlebrig with Perth Canoe Club. The Tay was nice and high which made the last run perfect, lots of great waves to 'play' in (using the term play losely because I can't really play yet).
Most of our time was spent at wee Erik, which is the most perfect wave when it forms.

Traffic at Wee Erik

Lynn taking me for a wee surf

The Singing Kayaker
PCC kayak display team

As I move to Fort William in two days this will be the last outing with PCC. I would just like to say that for even though I didn't paddle with them as much as I would have liked to. They are a really good bunch of people that are very welcoming and make you feel like you have been going to the club for years. So I am going to miss the wednesday outings, cheers guys.


The Tummel

After a long time not being able to climb or kayak it was good to finally get back on the water in my new boat. On saturday after work I headed to the Tummel with my mate Alisdair Boyce and Perth Canoe Club. A great time was had.

Scott holding his 'throw line'.

Dave showing off his new underwater Kayak

Ross and Louise

Perth Canoe Club on the Tummel

My new boat on the Linnhe