In College All Day

Unfortunately I was stuck in college all day today. Fortunately at college we were going to Poll Dubh for a climb.
I was climbing with Jamie, Graham and BIG Al. We started on Pinnacle Ridge (Severe) then went up to Repton Buttress to climb 3 pines (Severe). I also climbed ressurection (VS 4c***) on Styx buttress. After all the climbing Al showed us how to do assisted hoists and how to escape from systems.
Then we squeezed in one last climb, Flying Dutchmen (severe).

Jamie on the second pitch of Flying Dutchmen (Severe)
Al seconding on Ressurection.

Al demonstrating an assisted hoist.


Arkaig (Warning contains male body parts)

After looking at the forcast yesterday, I decided it was a day for kayaking. So Ross, Scott and I headed to the River Arkaig. We chose this because it was only a little 2km stretch of grade 2/3 water with one section of grade 4. Before we knew it we were at the grade 4.
Ross having no troubles at all gave the signal for me to go. After the first drop into lots of munchie water, you have no time to set yourself up for the next drop into lots of munchie water. By the third drop a great big hole caught me and put me through a spin cycle. After rolling up in a wee eddie, I was stuck with a choice of going left into a wall or right into the same hole. After a rinse and a spin I was pushed over a wall and finally out. All part of the fun!

Ross and Scott
Scott after taking the swim on the Grade 4 section (pictures just don't do justice)

My battle scars



Today Guy and I decided to head over to Ardnamurchan.
We started on 'Yir' (VS 4c***) for a warm up. Next Guy went up 'Up Popeii' (E2 5c**), which is quite soft at the grade. Guy then walked up a route he had his eye on, an E3 6a called 'Star Wars'. After struggling up the E3 I took a shot at 'Return of the Jedi' (E2 5c***). The last section of this was a really bold slab climb that took me some time to gather enough pysche to go for the moves.

Guy on the slab of Return of the Jedi
Guy on Star Wars
Going up Pompeii
Topping out of Yir


The Winter is Coming

Well after a weekend of work and a late night I was completely shattered. The weather forcast was terrible so I prepared for a sunday of rest. However when I woke up the sun was shining through the curtains so something had to be done. My flatmate was up for something as well so raced round to glencoe to find the Buachaille car park full.

Curved Ridge was busy with lots of groups on it.

Lee topping out in the hail

When we arrived at the bottom of Rannoch wall the rain started. We romped up agag's passing a party on the way and topped out in the snow and the hail. Winter is on its way.


Where is the snow?

After checking the forcast and thinking it was going to be a miserable day. The my mates from college and I decided it would be a good day to go for a wee scramble up curve ridge. Once we arrivered at great gully we decided to go up north buttress instead.

Jamie Murray enjoying the exposure

Craig and Simon wondering how to get back down

Me on the approach

Expecting a horrible day in the rain it was hard to drag myself out of bed, luckily I did because the sun came out and everyone had a great day.