First Taste of Real Rock

Today I went climbing with Kieran and Joe to give them their first taste of real rock, with Real Adventure. They had done lots of bouldering and indoor climbing which obviously paid off because they both moved really well on the rock.

Kieran and Joe cranking on Brown Slab (D**) at Shepherds Crag
Afterwards Guy met up with us and we went and ticked some routes off in the Little Chamonix Area. I led The Black Icicle (E1 5b**) and Monolith Crack (HVS 4c**) then attempted to second Guy on Porcupine (E3 6a**).


Nice Way to End the Day

I travelled back down to the lakes to hopefully get a few more days climbing in. The weather had other plans, so me and Guy headed to Kendal climbing wall for a good burn. By the time we got to Penrith the weather had cleared up, so we headed over to castle rock and ticked a couple of routes. I led up Gazebo (HVS 5a,5b**) in one pitc, then Guy had a bash at a real horrible hard route that felt like E2 5c but we didn't have it in the book.


Ben Vrackie

Finally back in Scotland after my time down south. I was visiting Anne in Dundee and we decided to head over to Pitlochry to go for a wee walk and do some camping.
We started off quite late but it didn't take us long to find a camping spot. I had organized a wonderful two course meal with all the trimmings. Pasta and sauce for mains and muffins and custard for dessert however I didn't realize the custard powder I bought was to be mixed with milk and not hot water, oh well.
After a few games of travel 'guess who?' we called it a night and hit the hay then I woke up at one to go and do some night navigation.

Our camp for the night with Ben Vrackie in the Background

Walking up to the summit in the morning

Anne enjoying the view from the summit of Ben Vrackie


Wet in Wales

After I had finished my work experience I was about to go home ten Dan offered a free trip down to Wales so I can have a practice for my Mountain Leader in a place I have never been before.
On Saturday the weather wasn't great but it brightened up later in the day. After a long day of following bearings and pacing to lots of little lines on the map I reached the summit of Carnedd Llwelyn. Then I decided to call it a day and set up camp. This led to me discovering that my phone had fallen out my rucksack. So instead of setting up camp for the night I decided to head out and look for it.
After giving up the search, I had a comfortable nights sleep to be woke by the rain and wind lashing off the side of my tent. A quick breakfast then I was off again it only took ten minutes before my boots started to squelch so I called it a day and headed back to Capel Curig.

Tryfan and Glyder Fach
My camp for the night
Llyn Cowlyd Reservoir
When I met up wth Dan he told me my phone had been found and would be returned soon. So thankyou very much to the kind people that found it and posted it back to me.


The Last Day

It was my last day with Real Adventure today and it finished with the same group I began my work experiene with.
It had been raining a lot through the night so instead of going to Longchurns Cave we went to Thistle and Run Scar instead. The staff of Lindale and Martin Primary School impressed Dan and I with their cving abilities, everyone really enjoyed it and is looking forwad to their next caving trip.


Vertical Air

Nearing the end of my Work Experience and I have been with Vertical Air. Doing a variety of activities such as Rock Climbing at Twistleton, Canoeing and Kayaking at Devils Bridge, Caving at Longchurns and Ghyll Scrambling in Yorkshire. Last day tomorrow!


The End

It was my last day with St. Christoper's today and it was our job to set up problem solving challenges for all the groups to complete in order for them to compete for a prize at the end. Again everyone had a great time and there was lots of comical moments as usual.

The video is from Real Adventure

I think I am speaking for all the instructors when I say it was so much fun and I wish I was coming back next year. From the kids to the staff members everyone was absolutely brilliant and it was a real pleasure to have met you all and I hope that we bump into each other in the future. Thanks


These pants aren't mine

It was my last day of activities out with the Cheetah Girls and it was our turn to go caving. After heading over to Longchurn and checking the water levels Nigel decided to go to another cave and come back to Longchurn later.
So we headed to the other cave further up the hill side and explored that before returning to Longchurn to get our feet wet.

The group in Long Churn Cave
Once we were back to the bus and changed and fed one of the group members was wondering if he was wearing his pants or not. The confusion was sorted when a different group member assured him that they were not actually his. Then we headed back to the centre for more amazing grub.


Coniston Water

After a scary day abseiling yesterday The Cheetah Girls, Nigel and I had a chilled day on Coniston. We started off in the kayaks playing some games and then headed over to hidden harbour for a spot of lunch. The Kayaks were then swapped for canoes which turned out to be a pointless exercise. Since more time was spent in the water than in the canoes but everyone was having a great time so I joined them when it came to jumping off the pier.


Just a Wee Cliff

The plan today was to do some abseiling down a wee cliff at Cathedral Quarry. The team have had no problems on any of the activities, so far. However putting complete faith in the rope and the instructor as you lean backwards over a fifty metre drop is probably something the group hadn't experienced before. So it was fair to say some of them found it a bit difficult to do.
One member of our team was incredibly brave, after leaning over the edge in tears and then backing away saying she didn't want to do it. She built up her courage came back and went for it, which takes a lot of guts to go for it.

Then it was offf for some ice cream.

Hell Gill

So after a successful day yesterday the Cheetah Girls where going to be put through their paces by having to descend Hell Gill. The weather wasn't nicest but by the time we arrived at the Gill everyone was in high spirits and happy to get their feet wet. After a dunk in the washing machine and rescuing a baby rabbit we headed to Ingleton to dry off and play on there indoor climbing wall.


St. Christophers Lakes Summer Programme

So this week I will be working with St. Christopher's School on their activity week with Real Adventure. There will be 52 young people with 6 instructors out on a variety of activities throughout the week.
Nigel and I have been assigned to the Cheetah Girls team for the week, and on our first activity was the mountain scramble and hill day.
We scrambled up Stickle Ghyll and stopped at the tarn for a spot of lunch, while the group made fun of me fur bein Scottish.We then summited Harrison Stickle and decended down past dungeon Ghyll. The team at the start of the day
Being led up Stickle by Nigel
Lunch at Pavey ArkThe Successful Summit Team