Garry Boat Commander

After saying my goodbyes I met up with Henry and Dave for a quick descent of the Garry.

Henry punching through the last stopper

Getting Lost

It was my last day with the lads and they decided to have a more relaxing day. So we went for a wander up to the Lost Valley. The weather stayed nice for us and the midges were bearable so it turned out to be a very pleasant way to end their holiday.
They said they were coming back next year so I will look forward to seeing them again.  
River Cross
On the way home


It's Not That Cold

Nothing like starting your day with a cold shower
Another walk in the Glen
After yesterday the guys were after some more excitement. Therefore we woke ourselves up in a Gorge then went for another stroll in the hills to warm up again. After getting back the decision was to have a more relaxed day for their final day.


Can't Feel My Toes

I went for a stroll up Glen Nevis today with Connor, Billy, Daniel and Nick. They're up to visit Scotland and see the sights of Lochaber, so while in Glen Nevis we took some detours via the River Nevis on our way up to Steall Falls. After lunch we crossed the wire bridge to get a closer look at Steall falls. Then it was back home to prepare for the days ahead.
When the picture looks this daft I don't need to try and add anything funny

Lunch at the falls


Arkaig and Awe

Not been out in the boat much but I manage to get a run down the River Arkaig lastnight and on the River Awe today. I was with Dave, Henry, Oscar, Andy and Bridget for my first time on the Awe which is a fun and safe river for beginners if you know where the obstacles are but my camera is down in Glasgow so no photographs.


Quick Blast

Been working more and more over the past few weeks so grabbed the first opportunity to get out on the rock, when it came. I went out with Drew and took him up Pinnacle Ridge and The Gutter, after which we couldn't handle the midgies anymore


Back In Wales

I was down working for Outward Bound in Aberdovey again this week, I had another day to spare so I met up with Guy once more and we avoided the weather by heading down to Tremadog. Guy started by leading up The Plumb (E1 5b), after which it was my turn so I headed up Leg Slip (E1 5b). Guy decided to spice it up a bit by trying Venom (E3 6a). After watching him struggle up the route I knew I was in for a good time. We finished the day by doing The Fang (HVS 5a)