Tay Descent 2012

I went to help out at the Tay Descent again this year. As usual lots of wonderful sights, memories and the chance to meet up with some old friends. While enjoying the cold water.

Checkou the link http://www.canoescotland.org/NewsEvents/TayDescent.aspx


Gorge - ous!

There was a plenty of moisture on the ground today but none in the rivers yet. Everywhere river is a scrape at the moment. So we headed to the Spean Gorge which always has water no mater how little rain has fallen. 

Craig and Suzy on the Fairy Steps
When the river is low like this you paddle through all the nooks and crannies, see features that aren't normally there and and find things such as bits of cars at the very bottom. 


Easy Going

I was out with Craig and Alasdair on the Upper Roy today. It was quite low which was great for a few reasons. One being that neither Craig or Alasdair had been in a boat in a while and also gave me a chance to lead and practise for my moderate water assessment. 

Craig looking calm


Warmer Water

I was out near Arisaig paddling today with Nevis Canoe Club. We paddled around the islands exploring and messing around. The weather was kind to us and after Wednesday I was expecting to be frozen however the water was suprisingly war.  Also we spotted plenty of wildlife from stags to seals. I can't wait to go back to that area and paddle again.


Moderate Water Endorsement Training

I travelled over to Glenmore Lodge this morning to do my Moderate Water Endorsement. The roads were icy and the Northern Corries looked rather wintry so I am curious to see if anyone has tried to scratch up the rocks.
It wasn't just looking wintry with my fleece thermals and dry suit with belay jacket on underneath it was safe to say we were feeling the cold. The tune of the day was everyone was trying to play an imaginary mouth organ (badly) to keep their hands warm.
Our trainer was Doug Cooper who took us through the syllabus whilst providing lot of handy hints and tips for our coaching and paddling. I found this the course full of really beneficial stuff and I was quite inspired to go and practice some of the theories.


A Gentle Paddle

I took Anne out on Loch Eil for a shot on a Sea Kayak. The weather was absolutely gorgeous at the today, the air was crisp and the trees are well into their autumnal colours. Anne seemed to enjoy it so hopefully this could change her opinion on Kayaking.
From the Loch we were able to see the Ben had a dusting of snow at the top, however Guy was able to get a much closer look.

Anne trying not to capsize


A good day for a paddle

I have been fighting with a cold the past few days so haven't been that psyched for getting out. However since I had organised a trip out with the club I thought it would be rude not to go along.
I was glad I make it out because there was a good turn out and everyone had a good time plus we saw an otter on the River.

Nevis Canoe Club warming up 

Bridget leading the group


West Highland College

I was out with West Highland College today near Loch Treig. We were focusing on Navigation skills today but still managed to summit a Munro.


Plenty of Water in the Roy

To be fair there is plenty water everywhere at the moment. I was fortunate enough to make some use of it today when Ron, Dave, Ali and I hit the Upper Roy. When this is high it is a really enjoyable and steady Grade 3 with one wee hard bit at the end.
Dave was also able to try out his new helmet camera.