Kenny and I headed over to Dingwall in search of some dry rock. We found it at Moy Rock which is a Conglomerate South facing sport crag. There was a few showers that went through but not enough rain to stop us.

As it was the start of the season we were trying to get the mileage in so we repeated a few routes on top rope.

But we climbed Black Streak (6a+), The Dark Side (6c), Little Teaser (6b+) and attempted the Seer (7b).


Peanmeanach Bothy

I was out with Nevis Canoe Club on their first Sea Kayaking trip of the summer. They have lots of trips taking place over the summer so check out their site and get involved.

Our first trip was just a simple overnight to Peanmeanach Bothy which was a good fun trip. With lots of laughs and an interesting disturbance during the night.  On the way back we managed to see an otter and remain dry. Only to get soaked putting the boats away.

Getting ready to go 
Jen up for it!
Jen, Steve and Allan
Our home away from home 
Getting ready to go


Back on Rock!

The rain has stopped, the sun has come out and the rock is dry! Niel and I headed down the Glen for a quick blast.

We jumped on Calvary Crack buttress and warmed up by joining two routes together.  The first pitch of Storm then on to Drizzle. Then we jumped onto Dundee Buttress and I led Dundee Weaver (HVS).

Only two routes but it has got me psyched for the rock season!


Chilled Upper Roy

We headed back to the Upper Roy because we didn't have loads of time to get out but we knew we were going to be paddling a different river from two days ago.

Bridget and I had a much more relaxed time on the river even getting the chance to make eddies and have a conversation instead of a passing word.


Spean Gorge

It didn't rain too much overnight but we hoped that there would still be enough water in the rivers to play on. There was enough but he Spean didn't have as much as we expected sitting just under '2' on the gauge.

Still made for a good run but it is surprising how fast the rivers go up and down around here.


Upper Roy in Record Time

With more rain falling overnight there was still plenty of water to play on. So Bridget and I headed up to the Upper Roy this time. The river was absolutely huge, the grade 4 rapid 'rooster tail' was now a grade 2 and looking the easiest part of the river instead of the hardest part.

Once we were on the river it was a case of being pushed down and only having a little say in where you wanted to go. It took us around five minutes to get down because everything was moving so fast.

Great fun! Unfortunately no photo's camera isn't too happy at the moment!


Flash Flood

An overnight spillage of rain meant the rivers were almost overflowing. Henry and I headed over to the Lower Roy, we knew we were going to have a good run because we could hear the river roaring from the car park. With this much water the Roy is easily one of my favourite rivers to run.
However, we didn't stop at the bottom of the Roy, we kept on going into the Spean and found that almost flat until the Railway Bridge Falls which was flowing bigger than I have ever seen it before.
I hope this is the beginning of the paddling season.


Slav Route

Today Henry and I were heading up the Ben to have look at Slav (VI,5***) route. After having a pit stop in the CIC hut we were having doubts as to whether or not were going to be drowning in spin drift. We almost changed our minds but decided to stand at the bottom of the route to make help make our decision.

We were getting dumped on by plenty of spin drift but we went for it anyway. This felt like Orion Direct all over again. Long face route and spaced out gear in some sections. The route has some brilliant situations and keeps coming right up until the end.

Will this ever winter ever end?

Henry somewhere on Slav Route


Smith's Gully ****

It was time for an early start this morning because Meagaidh isn't the shortest walk in and we wanted to be the first to the route. We only saw three other climbers throughout the entire day, two of which were heading for our route until they heard our plans.

 It was two and half hours to the bottom of the route but the weather was great and the route was looking supreme condition. The route is definetly worth every one of those stars, its possible it was given one for each pitch. The first and last pitches are the ones that stand out as just brilliant.

Henry on the First Pitch

3rd Pitch


Smoking the White Shark?

After missing an entire week of fantastic weather I was desperate to get out and take advantage of more of this winter. I was in luck because Henry had plenty of time of as well, so after a leisurely start we headed up to Aonach Mor to see what we could find.
The clag wasn't making it easy to find the routes but we started up what we thought was White Shark. It wasn't in great condition, after topping out we headed down to Sgurr Finnisg-aig Falls (Smoking the White Owl). A quick play on that then it was back down the Gondola. No pics as I left my camera at home.