Nevis Canoe Club

I was out with the Nevis Canoe Club to go over some two star paddle skills for an upcoming assessment. Everyone was familiarizing themselves with Canoes and we looked at steering the boat and did some solo paddling.
Andy looking out West along Loch Eil



I joined the same group again today, it was their last day at Outward Bound and they had the option of doing something a little more fun.



Train Spotting

I was on another expedition with Outward Bound, this time we caught a train to Corrour then spent two days walking to Fersit. We were really lucky with the weather in that we expected much worse and also didn't get eaten alive by midgies.
The reaction from the group after the train left Corrour Station and once the realisation set in, that they were in the middle of nowhere. I think is an experience that will stay with the group for a while.

The most remote train station in the UK
The long road home

Our camp for the night


Ardverickie Wall

With a spot of dry weather Johann, Eve and I headed up to Binnien Shaus to do a classic climb called Ardverickie Wall. Due to its classic status this route does get quite busy, even with the hour walk in there was three teams on it. The best way to beat the queues is to cycle, this makes the cycle out very easy as well.

Approaching the Wall

Eve seconding the 3rd Pitch


Outward Bound

I have spent the last four days working for Outward Bound at their Loch Eil centre. Which is a organisation which has contributed to outdoor adventure education for over 60 years. While at the centre I was with a group of young people from Fettes College. It was an absolute pleasure to work with such a great group, who did themselves and their school proud. I had a great time kayaking, canoeing and on the last two days I headed out on expedition with them and played a rather infamous game of telepathy snatchy grabby.

Rowing to our destination

Heading into the wilderness


Sport Cragging in Glen Finnan

Johann and I headed out to Glen Finnan for a bit of bolt clipping. We climbed various routes graded between 6b to 7a and Johann was putting the moves of a 7c together although I think I have hurt my finger paddling so I might take sometime off before I try anything too strenuous.
Johann Cranking Hard

Looking Out West


Another Evening on the Garry

I was out on the river with 7 people mostly from Nevis Canoe Club. Most of which were doing some crazy moves in the play spot. I think I will put a wee video together on the last Garry Release of the season.


Weather Window

Well there was a small gap in the today and I managed to get out and make some use of it, although i didn't manage to find a climbing partner. I headed up to Poll Dubh all the same and climbed Damnation (VS 4c**) and Ressurection (VS 4c***). I honestly think Damnation is a better route and I wont be in a rush to solo ressurection again!
The rest of the day was spent at Heather Hat falling off boulder problems.
Styx Buttress


After Work Jolly!

I was working at the Ice Factor today but as soon as Ian and I finished we headed up to go play on the Garry. We played around and did one descent of the river, then off home again.


Venting Frustration

After spending my entire day speaking to 6 different people from one insurance company (for legal reasons I shall call them biggreymamalswithtrunksandtusks.co.uk) about my car and finding out that I have been driving illegally for three months was not a particularly fun way to spend the day.
After having to cancel plans for climbing with a friend (one of my pet hates) I had to go out and do something as to not waste the day so I headed up to Poll Dubh and climbed the Old Wall (VS), Pinnacle Ridge (Severe), Three Pines (Severe) and Damn Nation (VS).
It made me feel a little better.