Pure Ringing!

I think it is fair to say that the rock climbing season is officially over in the Fort, judging by the rain today. I was out with college and we headed into the Mamores.
We went up the North Ridge of Stob Ban then came down via Mullach nan Coirean and finishing at Cobbs for most of the group. The rain did not stop for the whole day and we were getting large gusts of wind on the tops, a real 'quality' day.
Looking up the North Ridge oof Stob Ban


Friction Addiction

Al and I headed over to Ardnamurchan to climb on Meall Fhir Eoin Beag for some long needed cragging. We started off with 'Volcane' (E1 4c,5b), where Al made an impressive lead on the crux pitch. Then I headed 'Up Pompeii' (E2 5b) which is a really nice line up a featureless buttress slab. Then Al lead 'Return of the Jedi' which needs all the force to go for the crux moves. Then I finished with 'Lava Lout' a pleasant  (E1 5b). Can't wait to go back and try some of the harder routes.


More Hills

Another glorious slog today, this time it was Stob Coire Sgriodian and Chno Dearg. The ankle seemed to work but it's not perfect, lets hope it can hold out for the next couple of weeks.
The summer is still hanging on like the winter did however the tree's are showing the Autumn colours now.

Looking south down Loch Treig towards Glen Coe.

Chno Dearg on the left and Stob Coire Sgriodian on the right


Travellin' Man

I thought I would take it easy on my ankle today but it was another gorgeous day in the Fort. So I made plans with Richard to get some climbing done later in the day and went for a walk around Cow hill to work on my nav, in the meantime.
The decision, after meeting up with Rich, was to head up to Gorge crag to see what would be dry. Unfortunately 'Plague of Balzes' was soaking because it doesn't get the sun but 'Travellin' Man' (E2 5b,5c***) wasn't and made for some good climbing.

Richard Parker on the second pitch of Travellin' Man E2 5c*** Gorge Crag


The last of the Mamores and then some

I bagged the last two of the Mamore's I had still to do then did another three. Everything was going well until I was approaching the top of the second Munro, where I slipped and went over on my bad ankle. This made the rest of the walk a little less enjoyable and a lot more painful.
I started with Binnien Beag then walked over to Binnein Mor, where I hurt my ankle. Walked over to Na Gruagaichean then hobbled to Stob Coire a' Chairn then finished with An Gearanach.
I am just hopping that the ankle isn't hurt too badly.
Binnein Beag

Looking back from Na Gruagaichean

Looking to Binnien Beag (the first Munro) from An Gearanach (the last Munro)



The original plan was to get some more hill walking done today but I slept in. Instead I made use of the dry rock and headed up to gorge crag later in the evening. Graham and I climbed 'Conscription' (E1 5b*) which turned out to be harder than the 'walk in the park' I expected but a good route all the same. I will be up hills again tomorrow. 


Spidean Mialach and Gleouriach

On another walk today, I was did two Munro's which I thought would be off the beaten track but I met quite a few people up there. The weather was reasonable so I didn't get completely soaked and  it looks like it will stay dry for the weekend.

Looking up to Gleouriach

Spidean Mialach


The Assessment

This is the last climbing session in the first years climbing block, which meant it was their assessment as well. I was with Big Al today and he was showing me how and what he teaches when he has two novice rock climbers.
I managed to bring all my climbing kit with me as well which was a bonus. The weather held for most of the day so we didn't get too wet however the rock did start to get a bit greasy.


Coming to an End

I was on the Garry which will only be running a total of three more times this month (14th, 21st and 29th of this month) then it will stop for the winter.
I was out with Henry and Dave again, we managed to get a couple of runs in. This time we were focusing on technique. Henry also gave me a few pointers for surfing on the play spot.
Tomorrow will be the last rock climbing session for college so lets hope we get some dry rock.


The Upper Roy

 I was out again with Henry today and this time it was the Upper Roy, which is uncharted territory for me. This time Henry was giving me lots of advice for my four star training and I was putting this into practice on the river.
The river was at really good level as well with lots to mess around on, with some nice spicy bits to finish up on.



I was at the outflow next to Fort William with an aspiring Level 5 Coach who contacted me to see if i would be interested in some free coaching so that he would have guinea pig for his assessment.
We started off by exploring the fundamentals of paddling then incorporated this into a practical use by playing around at the outflow.


Creag Meagaidh

I didn't even bother with the camera today because the whether was bogging. Graham and I topped out on Creag Meagaidh then navigated off the hill.
To add insult to injury Graham wrote off his car on the way home. After a quick visit to the hospital to remove the glass from his neck, all was good.