I thought this video of a skier being caught in an avalanche would be of some interest.

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SPA assessment

Over the past two days I have been doing my Single Pitch assessment with Alan Halewood. On the first day we headed to kingussie crag to do some personal climbing.

Day 2 was spent at a number of crags at Poll Dubh. The weather wasn't as nice that day.

Luckily we didn't have to do any climbing just group work. Also everyone on the assessment passed.


I Love Lochaber

Lochaber is brilliant, when the weather is good. Everything is soo close and accessible. What a great location.

Today after college the weather was still glorious. So Ross, Jamie and me went for a paddle. Jamie had only done two rivers before so we thought he would be able to join us on the Etive.

Well done for going off this.


The Big Top - Aonagh Dubh

The good weather was to last the weekend. So Guy and I headed to Aonagh Dubh. Guy had his eye on a route called 'The Big Top' (E1 4c, 5a, 5a, 5a). I wanted to see how my ankle was holding up, plus I haven’t done an interesting route in a long time. So needless to say I was well up for it.
Guy Stevens on the final pitch

Guy clearly comfortable with the exposure

Me on the first pitch.
I led the first pitch because it was the easiest; I thought this would let me know if I was able to take on anything harder. After taking an hour on the first pitch I thought it best to let Guy lead the rest. After a hair raising descent down No.4 Gully it was back to the bags and home.
Great Day!


The Etive

Today was one of the best days we have had all summer. I couldn't wait to get out on to the rock. Unfortunatly my potential climbing partner phoned me at 7 in the morning informing me that he was ill.
I was stuck in the house until my good friend Ross Orr came home. He was also desperate to enjoy the sunshine. I suggested we go down the Etive and the rest is history.

Me on the Right Angle Falls

Ross Orr on The Triple Falls


The Lochy

Luckily we had day off college today which meant Ross, Jamie and I were able to go for a padle down the river Lochy. It was definatly kayaking wheather.


Ross Orr
Don't know why the rain is going upward in this photo

Ross and Jamie at Inverlochy Castle

The Ben was covered in cloud but hopefully the wheather should pick up at the end of the week.


Dry Rock!

Finished college early today, so we were able to go and do some rock climbing. On actual dry rock.

Craig on The Gutter

Placing gear with a midge net on. An essential skill for climbing in Scotland.

Jamie and myself were showing some of our classmates how to lead climb. So we took them up up 'the gutter', so to speak. Craig and Alan got to grips with placing gear and building belays.