Let the Sun Shine

The weather in the Fort was absolutely glorious all day today, the sun didn't stop shinning. I headed down the Glen with a few routes in mind to tick off, while I waited for craig to finish work. So I started at Dundee buttress and solo climbed Promises (HS 4b*). Then I went to Cavalry Crack Buttress and climbed The Old Wall (VS 4b***). Al recently back from his trip to Afghanistan was climbing Storm, on the route next to me.

Me soloing The Old Wall
Once Craig arrived we hit the Long Crack (HVS 5a,4b*). After leading the first pitch I was attacked by midgies at the belay stance. So we decided to exit stage right and get away from them.

Da Aonagh Eagach

Today I was out with my old boss, from the chip shop I used to work in, his son alessio and Dom. They all seemed to enjoy the exposure and situations that the ridge offers. The team approaching the ridge
Only one week before college starts I'm hoping to cram in as much as possible before I start.


Rasberry Ripple

It was Dan and Kat's last day in the Fort. It was suppose to be a bad weather day as well however the weather stayed clear and dry all day. Dan and Kat headed up The Long Reach(E1 5b****) while Bridget and I headed up Rasberry Ripple(HVS 5a*). This was only three pitches long so we managed to get Spartan Slab in as well.

It was supposed to be raining.

Bridget seconding Spartan Slab

Spartan Slab's Crux pitch has changed completely since I last did it. It is way more difficult and much harder than the grade it goes at. After topping out the midgies attacked in full force, not good.


Rannoch Wall

I was on the Buachaille today with Dan, Kat and Charlie. We headed up to Rannoch wall and climbed fracture route (VS 4c**). While Dan and Kat headed up engineers crack(E1 5b**).
Charlie and I headed round to do line up (HVS 5a**) which was wet but once we started so did the rain. After the first pitch we backed off.
Dan on Engineer's and Charlie on Fracture
Dan and Kat on Satan's Slit
The rain continued so we decided to call it a day, on the way down we had to help a walker that had gone off route. The weather was nice and sunny by the time we got to the car.


3 Rivers 1 Day

When Dan and Kat came up on Monday they unloaded the van of lot of beer, fine wine and whisky. When I went round to meet them this morning. I noticed that there was a lot of recycling to be done and some very tired looking people to be found. The first river we headed was the Spean Gorge, which was a first for me.
Then it was up to the Arkaig, I managed to stay in my boat this time although it wasn't the right way up for the entire time.
A spot of lunch then over to the River Gloy. We took a saw with us because the river has a lot of trees blocking the way. This made for some exciting situations, we did get the saw out for one tree but this turned into monumental effort. The Gloy is a great river but it does need a lot of gardening because it would be very deadly very easily.
Waterproof camera still broken so no pics.



I was mountain biking for the first time today and had an ace time. We started on the green track and then worked our way up to the through the colours to the reds. The only track we didn't do was the Black and for some reason I was quite happy about this.

Dan getting some help from the girls

At the top of the tracks


Back in the Fort

I have been down in Glasgow for a while finishing college work and other stuff. I arrived back yesterday and that night Guy was on the phone wanting a day on the hill. It was long overdue so it was great to be heading out.
We had made no plans because of the conditions we were looking for an easier day. Therefore we travelled light, not taking any climbing gear. At the CIC hut we decided to head for Observatory Ridge (V.Diff***) then descend down Tower Ridge. The weather wasn't as bad as expected and the rock was mainly dry.


The Pap of Glencoe

My Uncle and cousin are up from London this weekend and my Dad wanted to show my cousin some nice areas of Scotland. So he decided to take them to the Pap of Glencoe.

When my Uncle heard we were going to the Pap, he asked if they did any good ale’s.

The weather threatened all day until we reached the top, it stopped threatening and started to rain. It began to clear off as sone as we left the summit. After dinner, back in Glasgow, Fraser and I headed out to Auchinstarry Quarry where we did a quick climb then an abseil and set up the Slack Line.