3 Rivers 1 Day

When Dan and Kat came up on Monday they unloaded the van of lot of beer, fine wine and whisky. When I went round to meet them this morning. I noticed that there was a lot of recycling to be done and some very tired looking people to be found. The first river we headed was the Spean Gorge, which was a first for me.
Then it was up to the Arkaig, I managed to stay in my boat this time although it wasn't the right way up for the entire time.
A spot of lunch then over to the River Gloy. We took a saw with us because the river has a lot of trees blocking the way. This made for some exciting situations, we did get the saw out for one tree but this turned into monumental effort. The Gloy is a great river but it does need a lot of gardening because it would be very deadly very easily.
Waterproof camera still broken so no pics.

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