Just for Funsies

A few of us headed down to the Ice Factor for some dry plastic. We found we weren't the only ones to have had this plan. The Ice Factor has done a good job in changing their routes with lots of variety and good climbs. I hope they keep this up because I can't remember the last time they changed the routes there.
However Johann and I were the only ones to go and play at Inchtree Gorge afterwards. It was pretty high but a good giggle.

The Falls at Inchtree

Johann Taking a Plunge

Me mid-fall

A Gentle Stroll

After finishing work today Anne and I headed for a walk in Glen Nevis. With the weather being so sunny it meant the water was actually warm which was a rare occurrence in the Glen.
Looking forward to some climbing tomorrow hoping it will be midge free!

A stroll in the Nevis


Aonach Dubh

After looking at the clouds on Ben Nevis. We thought it might be a good idea to change plan and head down to Glen Coe. After starting late we warmed up on Weeping Wall Route (severe) then we headed up to Hesitation (HVS 5a**). The start of this is tricky to find but offered some cool situations on the second pitch.

Craig on Weeping Wall
Felt great to be on rock again.


Day Off!

I have been busy with work recently but I managed to have a day off when the weather was actually really nice. So Anne and I had pleasant wee paddle on Loch Eil.
Anne on Loch Eil