Let out the Frustration

After spending the four day in boats but not being able to do anything exciting. We headed down to Kinlochleven after the course to have some fun.

Now I'm off to spend the night in the hills for my Summer Mountain Leader FUN TIMES!

Level 2 Training

Over the past four days we (Lochaber College) have been doing our Level 2 coach training for kayaking. It was a really good course and everyone came away knowing much more about kayaking and coaching.
Ben Nevis from Loch Eil

The weather was like this for five minutes over the four days we saw a lot of wind and rain

Kev gave us the TIP OF THE DAY
When righting a canoe don't use your face! This will break your nose!


Mullach Nan Coirean

Me With Ben Nevis in the Back Ground
A View of Ben Nevis from the summit of Mullach Nan Coirean

I had a late start at work today, so this allowed me to tick off another peak. With all my walking gear on my back, I cycled into Glen Nevis to climb Mullach Nan Coirean. The weather was gorgeous all day, which made the walk all that more pleasent. I also practiced some Navigation Skill because I have to obtain as many quality mountain days as possible for my Summer ML assessment.
There is hardly any snow left on the peaks but more is forecast to fall at 900m and above.


Stob Ban and Sgurr a'Mhaim

After saying goodbye to Anne this morning, I went back to bed for a couple of hours kip. Woke up grabbed my kit and went for a wee stroll in the Mamores. The weather was 'Scottish' for most of the day, until I bagged the first Munro, then it decided to clear up...a bit.

Stob Ban
From the Lower falls car park I headed up Sron Dearg and summated Stob Ban in complete 'mankyness'.
Stob Ban from Lochan Coire nam Miseach
After being on the top, the weather cleared for a short spell.

Bidean Nam Bian From Stob Ban
On the right Sgurr a'Mhaim and Ben Nevis on the Left
The weather crapped out again for the descent and the wind bullied me all the way off the hill.
If your bum is sore from cycling then don't sit on jaggy rocks.


Biker's Bum

The Highland Cow
Cycling in Glen Nevis
It was Anne's last day in the Fort so we headed out for another bike ride. The weather was more pleasent today but both of us were still feeling the pain from being in the saddle.


Tour de Fort William

We were hoping to go and play in the snow but the conditions are still pretty terrible. So Anne and I stole Craig and Lee's bike and cycled down Glen Nevis. This is a dangerous journey because there is a big risk of hitting the mountainous cow poo's which are all over the road. Even the cars were having to slow down to drive over them.

Due to the big thaw at the moment the rivers are really high


Birthday Celebrations

It was my Birthday today and I had the day off. So Anne and me made use of the horrible weather and went for a walk up to Stob Coire Nan Lochan.
The weather was completely miserable, lots of rain and slushy snow. Its safe to say Anne did really well for her first taste of Scottish Winter Conditions.


Sods Law

Over the past couple of week the weather has been absoulutely brilliant when I have been stuck in college. When its my day off it craps out and when I finally get the opportunity to go climbing I get ill. Bad times! Hopefully I will get out soon though.


Piste Off!

After coming home from college yesterday I spent the afternoon vomiting. So I decided that trying any climbing would be a bad idea, only to wake up and find that it was a glorious day and didn't feel too bad.
Unfortunately It was too late to go climbing so I stole Guy's board, then Craig and I ripped it up on Nevis Range.

The Mighty North Face of Ben Nevis

Me trying to 'tear it up'

Ladies if you would like a copy of these pictures you will need too wait for the Highland Hunks Calender 2011


Smoking The White Owl at College

This morning I prepared myself for a really long, slow and informative day at college. Luckily Big Al had other plans.
Due to the fact that the four of us climbed Steal Falls last night, Al decided to take us to Finnesg-aig Falls (a.k.a. smoking the white owl). This is a soft grade IV route but a brilliant one all the same.
We had to rush to get on the route because there was twenty five people on it when we topped out. Teams from Snowgoose, Jagged Globe and Plas y Brenin.

Walking in a hurry

Me on the route

Jamie in a hole
This was probably one of the worst days I've had at college, I just can't wait for more marketing and business lectures.


An Evening Stroll

Night approaching
Jamie, Craig and Graham on the first pitch.

Me on the first pitch.

Walking in

Unfortunately I was stuck in college all day today, staring out the window and admiring the beautiful day. During lunch we came to the conclusion that it would be a shame to waste the day. After college we rushed home grabbed our gear and raced up to the upper car park in glen Nevis.
As we stomped up to Steal Falls and couldn't help but attract some confused looks from the climbers walking off, after having done their climbing for the day. We romped up the route then headed home under a blanket of stars.