Creag Dubh

I was desperate to get out and climb this morning. As the weather forecast seemed to have missed the mark because I had nothing but blue sky and sun greeting me through the curtains. So I spent the morning looking for a climbing partner, that wasn't hung over from the previous night.
Eventually Sam threw his things together and picked me up then we headed to Creag Dubh.
After I realised I forgot my camera Sam and I started Phellatio (HVS 5a**). Once we did that we moved like a Man on Fire (E1 5b*) because we thought it was starting to rain. Luckily it didn't but there was still Gouttes d'Eau (e2 5b**) on most of the routes.
It was time to get out of there so we headed back to the fort. My prediction is that the next time I get a chance to climb it will be midge season.


Up and Down

Craig and I headed up to the ben to have a look at Carn Dearg Buttress which was dry the a couple of days ago. However after cycling up to the top car park and then some we were sure the cloud wasn't going to disappear so we headed back down the trails towards Glen Nevis.
We headed up to Styx Buttress and Craig climbed Damnation (VS 4c**) and had a look at Kraut (E1 5b*).
The crags were pretty busy pre-midge climbing best kind of climbing there is.

Craig on Damnation

Dave and Lawrence on SW Buttress


Back To the Garry

I was out with Nevis Canoe Club on the Garry with my new (to me) boat, the Dagger Kingpin. It was great to be out on the water again and the river was nice and warm but I am already starting to dread the idea of midgies.

Craig on one of the last rapids


Summer is Coming

During work today we were getting trained by the BTO (British Trust for Ornithology) on how to recognise birds. Not much was left of the winter and there was a team doing a rock route on Douglas boulder and Carn Dearg Buttress looked bone dry as well.
After work I threw my kit in the back of the car and headed down the glen to get a route in before midge season kicks in. The glen was still busy and had plenty teams making the most of the longer nights.
I met up with Sam and Allen and had a quick play on Storm, which I have done many times now but I never been bored of it.

Sam Leading the Crux

Allen seconding


Rum Diaries

So not updated this for a while and I will get round to updating it soon.......
So recently some friends from work and I headed out to Rum for three days. Managed to get really wet, really tired and really emotional.
Leaving from Mallaig we got the ferry across to Kinloch. To kill some time Craig, Lawrence and Neil went on a tour of Rum castle, which was the highlight of there three days. While on their tour the rest of us hung out at the community hall and made use of Rum Shop which is like Tesco except it has no trolleys, self checkouts, aisles or customers.
After Craig and Neil had the tour of their life we headed to Guidril Bothy for our first night. This bothy is in a gorgeous location and is well kept.
Due to the long days we didn't leave at the crack of dawn. However we did have a 16km day with lots of hills to take in so we started around 10am.

Dibidil Bothy

Making our way to the start of the Rum Cuillin

Approaching Dibidil Bothy

Neil getting close to the end
The weather wasn't terrible but it wasn't great either we were glad to reach the last bothy and didn't take long before we hit the sack.
Overnight there was lots of rain which made the river crossing more interesting. There was one which included a jump over a gorge, which was fun. We were all very soggy on the ferry but glad to be out of the rain.