Creag Dubh

I was desperate to get out and climb this morning. As the weather forecast seemed to have missed the mark because I had nothing but blue sky and sun greeting me through the curtains. So I spent the morning looking for a climbing partner, that wasn't hung over from the previous night.
Eventually Sam threw his things together and picked me up then we headed to Creag Dubh.
After I realised I forgot my camera Sam and I started Phellatio (HVS 5a**). Once we did that we moved like a Man on Fire (E1 5b*) because we thought it was starting to rain. Luckily it didn't but there was still Gouttes d'Eau (e2 5b**) on most of the routes.
It was time to get out of there so we headed back to the fort. My prediction is that the next time I get a chance to climb it will be midge season.

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