Sea Kayak 3 Star Assessment

I passed my Sea Kayak 3 star award today, I was really glad since it was only my second time in a sea kayak. The weather was better than forecast but still very cold, luckily we didn't have to spend too much time in the water.
For the assessment we had to show that we were competent with 3 star skills like; towing, rescuing and rolling.

Kitting up out of the cold.
The group with Fort William in the background.

Gerry giving me a tow.


No Canoes!

Today I was at the bottom of the River Arkaig with the college. The aim was to practise more three star skills with the canoes for our assessment next Tuesday. It was fun to play around in some faster water.
Quote of the day came from Callum, 'It wasn't a capsize, it was a self rescue'.

Matt showing off his mad skills

Nice day to be out on the River


More 3 star practice

On Loch Eil again today but I was in a canoe this time. Stuart was going over more skills for our 3 star assessment. Everything went well until we started practising low braces. Coaching tip of the day 'If you try a low brace and end up in the water, you did it wrong'.

Cold crisp morning.

Me disturbing the water

No idea who that is or where that is


Sea Kayaking

Getting kitted up
Good views of the Ben

Craig was the only one man enough to take a swim. Everyone else thought it was too cold for that.

Out with college today, preparation, for our 3 star sea kayak assessment. This is the first time I have spent a lot of time in a sea kayak, adapting to the differences was tricky but good fun. I am looking forward to spending more time in this type of craft.



John (Snowgoose Mountain Centre) was preparing Dougie for his level 2 assessment today, so I invited myself along for a day's paddling. John was showing us so many different paddle strokes that even the seals were popping up to have a look. That or they were laughing at my paddling technique. Weather coming in

Weather in
Weather away

It was great to be out on the open boats again, I can't remember the last time I was in one. Unfortunately its back to work again tonight.


River Oich

I finally had a day off work and college today (well not college). So my mate Jamie and I were looking for a pleasent grade 2 river to go and play on. John at the snowgoose mountain centre suggested the River Oich which fitted our needs perfectly.

We missed all the bad weather in Fort William

Jamie practicing his ferry gliding.


Glenmore Lodge and College

Lochaber College

Lee Climbing

Jamie Murray

Yesterday I was visiting Glenmore Lodge with college. We were being shown how the Lodge runs and the ethos of the company by Bob Kinaird and Nigel Williams. After the lectures we had free use of the rolling pool and climbing wall.
The next day we were met by Matt, Gillian, Bob and Al. Al (who had a bad case of food poisoning) started off the day by emptying his stomach contents at the side of the road.
Jamie and I did a few easy routes and went over some climbing situations with Gillean.


A gentle day in Glen Nevis

Anne with Steal Falls in the background
Anne in Glen Nevis

Today my girlfriend Anne and I went for a nice walk up in Glen Nevis. The weather finally brightened up today so we were able to see the snow on the Ben. Hopefully the ankle is better before the winter arrives.