Arkaig (Warning contains male body parts)

After looking at the forcast yesterday, I decided it was a day for kayaking. So Ross, Scott and I headed to the River Arkaig. We chose this because it was only a little 2km stretch of grade 2/3 water with one section of grade 4. Before we knew it we were at the grade 4.
Ross having no troubles at all gave the signal for me to go. After the first drop into lots of munchie water, you have no time to set yourself up for the next drop into lots of munchie water. By the third drop a great big hole caught me and put me through a spin cycle. After rolling up in a wee eddie, I was stuck with a choice of going left into a wall or right into the same hole. After a rinse and a spin I was pushed over a wall and finally out. All part of the fun!

Ross and Scott
Scott after taking the swim on the Grade 4 section (pictures just don't do justice)

My battle scars

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