The Skraeling

It was a clear and very cold winter morning, Jamie Bankhead and I were mixing it up at Beinn an Dothaidh. The weather was absolutely stunning, with no clouds in the sky and blanket of stars that faded into the gorgeous pastel colours of a December morning. I had left my camera at home, brilliant!
Jamie had his eye on ‘The Skraeling’ (IV,5***) because he had to back off it last year, because he was unsure of the route direction. This time however he was on fine form and managed to climb a very delicate traverse which stopped him the last time. Jamie was also kind enough to give me the crux pitch. This followed a corner that had some pretty good hooks all the way up, however you had to leave the comfort of the corner and climb an icy slab which didn’t feel as nice and wasn’t as positive.
A great wee route with enough interesting situations to warrant its three stars. Also there was a team on 'Ménage a Trois' and a team on ‘Coup de Grace’.
Just can’t wait until I am finished with college for this term to make some real use of the winter season.

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