Back in the Norries

Yesterday we were considering our options for putting the good weather to use. Looking at the forecasts we decided that it would be great to go and hit the Northern Corries even though a little busy.
Luckily the forecast was right and the weather was great but that just attracts the crowds. Jamie and I headed to the Mess of pottage to take look at the Direct start to hidden chimney (IV,5**). Lot of good climbing and protection but I am unsure weather or not it was in the best condition.
After doing the fun pitch we abseiled off had a bite to eat and then headed up the Haston Line (IV,4). This is a one move wonder route but a very committing scary move all the same, again I am wondering if it comes into better condition. To finish of we climbed the rest of Hidden Chimney (II/III) and topped out with the sun setting.
Jamie Murray approaching the Mess of Pottage

Sun setting over the Norries

Andy glad to be topping out

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