The temperatures haven’t been very low recently, so Jamie and I decided to go high in the hope that we might find some product. However we had to be careful due to the avalanche forecast.
On arriving in Stob Corrie Nan Lochan we could see that there were some cornices forming on the tops and the buttresses weren’t quite there in some cases. After much deliberation we thought we could do one of the direct starts to dorsal arête for some sport.
It was my turn to take the first lead, after a poor hex placement lower down and an old peg I arrived at the climbing. It did look difficult but I knew once I had some good gear all would be fine. After not finding any gear I could trust I tested the axes in the snow. They held pretty well so I went to make the initial my axes slid through. I readjusted went for it again then my foot holds collapsed.
No good gear, no good placements, no use!
Jamie on the walking in

Jamie about to attempt the climb (amateur finger)

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