Brimstone Groove

There wasn’t a breath of wind or a cloud in the sky, which meant it was absoulutely perfect for climbing. I am still over in the east and this time we went over the back to Hells Lum passing many parties on their way to Corrie an t-sneachda.
The crag was in better condition than the last time we climbed on it however it wasn’t confidence inspiring. I attempted to tackle Salamander (IV,5*). After passing a hard vertical start I was on a thinly ice covered slab of rock which as breaking under my feet however I was able to traverse left and get onto Brimstone Goove (IV,4). This had a team on it however they decided to go left after thinking that the ice wasn't in great condition. The ice was better on Brimstrone but not by much I was only able to get two screws in the entire crux none of which I was willing to take a fall on.

Walking up the back of the Coire

My dad finishing off the route
 All was okay a ggod day was had after topping out, we enjoyed the sunset all the way off the hill.

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