Those Who Fight and Run Away, Live to Fight Another Day

Rich, Jamie and I walked into the North Face of the Ben with no particular routes in mind. Just wanting to see what was available. After a brew in the CIC hut we went to have a look at what we might do. By this point we were joined by everyone and their dog heading up to the crags.
Walking into Coire na Ciste it was starting to feel quite spooky in that there was many indications that the avalanche hazzard was going to be very high. We ended up at the bottom of Joyful Chimneys and the weather had decided to change on us. It wasn't long before we had lots snow getting dumped on us from above. After getting burried by a few more dumps of snow we decided not to hang around and got out of there.
Whenever you back off a route you tend to wonder if it was the right decision. My thoughts are that; if you are able to think about the decision you made, then it is obvious that you have made the right one.

By the time we got back the CIC hut the weather was so bad we were soaked to the skin and when we left we found that every other team was doing the exact same thing as us.

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