Route 1

I was up the Ben with Rich and Jamie again however this time Rich had a specific route on his mind. We raced up to Carn Dearg Buttress to try and beat the many weekend warriors heading up to that area. We managed to get the route to ourselves, then Rich got stuck in.
The Route 1 (VI,6***) follows a series of chimneys which eventually get narrow enough to not fit a person through them comfortably. Rich did some fantastic climbing on not very well protected verglassed rock. Five metres from the top out Rich had to call it quits because of the lack of protection and the fact that the verglass wasn't giving him any options we had to back off. We still had a great experience but I don't know if I will be in a rush to try it again though.  

Rich on the first pitch.
This wasn't the narrow chimney
Rich tackling the second pitch
The Ben looking in really good nick. That might change tomorrow

We are on the bottom left.
Photo Courtesy of Max Hunter

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