Glen Ogle

Ryan Glass working the moves on Off the beaten track F8a*** (P.Thornburn 1992)

Thursday night Ryan and myself decided to go to Glen Ogle. Ryan informed me that even when it rains the crag doesn't get wet because it overhangs. 
So at lunchtime today we arrived at glen ogle, after the walk in I had a pretty sore stomach, which I thought would go away after lunch. However this was not the case because I couldn't even finnish my lunch. 
After doing a bit of warming up we continued our 'warm up' on Old Wives Tail F6b, this has some hard first moves, after this I wasn't feeling much better. 
Ryan then went and led Metal Guru F6c. I went for the flash on this route, after taking a long rest I went for the crux moves. At this point I was fighting a war on two fronts trying not to fall off and trying to keep the contents of my stomach in my stomach. I literally fought to the final move and lost the battle. 
Feeling very rough I decided to stop and give Ryan a belay on his summer project. 

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