Out of Action!!! Great End Crag - Not Really

My blog has not been updated recently because I broke my ankle, on the third day of my trip down south. I have been recovering well and I am desperate to get back on the rock. On the 2nd day of the trip we headed to Goat Crag, after spending half hour heading to Goats Crag we eventually noticed the mistake then found Goat Crag and climbed Preying Mantis (E1 5b***). The climbing was very sustained and the route is worth everyone of those three stars. From Goats Crag we could see this enormous mass of rock at the other side of the valley, Great End Crag. 

Guy Stevens on the 2nd pitch of Preying Mantis (E1 5b***)

After consulting the guide book we decided to head for Great End Crag the following day. After trudging through horrible marshy ground in the wrong direction again, we finally reached the crag which did not look as good as it did the day before. The crag was really over grown and vegetated. Another party had just started the route which we had planned to go for . The next cleanest looking line was No Holds Barred (E2 5b*). After making steady progress I found myself stuck and decided to back off. My gear (a micro wire) ripped, when I hit the rock I heard a pop which turned out to be my ankle breaking. 

Before the fall on No Holds Barred (E2 5b*)

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