More Staff Training

I don't know how to describe this training day, it was definitely experiential learning. However it was one of the strangest experiences I've ever had. Abseiling into a hole in the ground then squeezing your way through very narrow passages, which open up into huge caves with amazing rock formations.
Dan and Chef de Speleology (Simon) took us (Kat and Me) into Lancaster hole to Wretched Rabbit: Via… Waterfall Passage, Main Stream Passage, Oxbow Corner, Minarets, Cornes Cavern, Snail Cavern, Monster Cavern, Stop Pot, Holbeck Junction and up Spiral Stairs.
As a none caver this means absolutely nothing to me, am also pretty sure that Dan and Chef had no idea where they where going it was all just pretty good guess work. It seemed impossible for anyone to be able to navigate their way around that hole.
Abseiling into Lancaster Hole
Kat and Me before setting off

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