Robin Proctors Scar

So after another day at Ingleborough Hall Dan and I headed round to Robin Procters Scar. This is a Limestone sport crag five minutes walk from the centre. We warmed up on Central Buttress (6b), then top roped Forever Young(7a+) and the climbed living the dream (5). To finsih off Dan led up The Shield (6c), this is a fun wee route which has some of the holds held on by glue.
As I trying to figure out the crux my arms began to tire so I told Dan,
"Just take there man,"
"Am not gonna let you not get this clean keep going,"
"No seriously man, Take"
"No, hurry up and get it done"
Not something you really want to hear your belayer say but it worked and I did get it clean so I was quite pleased with that.
More Caving tommorrow

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