Half Full

Out with Henry and Ali on the River Spean, Again! Although this time it was running higher than I have ever ran the river before(the gauge was sitting at four). The river has a completely different feel when it is this high. All the technical sections are washed out and become big boils and waves.
Before entering the gorge section, which is hard to see because the river isn't distinguishable as a gorge at this level, there is a brilliant standing wave.
I haven't had a lot of experience of surfing waves of this size but I managed to get on the wave and change direction a few times. This felt brilliant because I have never managed to do this before. The smallest achievements in Climbing and Kayaking feel like little Everest's have been conquered. The feeling of accomplishment gives you such a buzz and keeps you going back for more.
The other first for me was that this is the first time I have done the whole river without a portage.
So another great day on the river and a nice big dump of snow on the mountains, just another thing to look forward to.

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