Upper Spean

Paddling again today and another new river for me. Henry, Ron, Ali and I paddled the Upper Spean which is a very intimadating section of the Spean. The 'get in' is right below the Laggan Dam, from the get go you're faced with constent grade 3 water for a couple two kilometres. Once this is over the river flatens out until you arrive at the gorge section.
Before going into the gorge I was warned that if I am came out of my boat, my only purpose in life was to get out of the water.
Once you pass the first rapid of the gorge your commited and faced with an intimidating steep narrow passage. This is a great section of river that has some easy but scary rapids. Finishing with waves about three to four metres high.
Laggan Dam Releasing
After getting out I found out why I didn't want to take a swim. A hundred and fifty metres after the last rapid there is a miniture version of Niagra Falls, Known as the Inverlair Falls
Inverlair Falls

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