Just Keep Swimming

I was up on the North Face of the Ben today and going by the avalanche forecast we had to be careful. We went to go and take a look at gloves chimney bu the conditions under foot and the snow didn't feel great so we went and had a look at Number 3 Gull buttress.
Approaching the route was a nightmare up to our chest in horrible soft snow that wouldn't support any weight and for every step taken we must have went three back.
Once on the climb it was very pleasant nothing too difficult and an interesting final pitch. Unfortunately number 4 gully didn't look welcoming at all so we took the long way round before we could get to the car. 
Approach to number 3 gully

Craig walking off the summit


  1. "I shall name him 'Squishy,' and he shall be mine, and he shall be my squishy."

    Awesome picture of the sun.

  2. Haha, thanks very much. I never thought it was possible to take a good photo with Craig in it but who knew.