Try That Instead

The weather is about to crap out and I am about to go back to college so Craig and I wanted to get in a last bit of 'routeage' before we run out of opportunities. We headed up to look at 'Glovers Chimney' (IV,4), the bottom section is getting thin but still climbable. As we were kitting up to go, we were being buried by powder avalanches as each avalanche got longer. We began to think that this maybe isn't the best route choice.
We backed off with our tail between our legs writing the day off prepared for home when we bumped into an MIC (don't know who he was but I owe him a wee thanks) who suggested we try South West Ridge (IV,4) on Douglas Boulder. It turned out to be a great little climb with lots of interest The only issue I had was dealing with the rope drag due to the nature of the route. 
Craig McKay
Doesn't take long for the conditions to get grim.
East Side of Douglas Boulder with a team coming off Tower Ridge

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