Mini Rock Trip

I arrived back from a mini climbing trip yesterday with Guy, Johann and Ben. I had a great time and can't wait to get out and do even more climbing. It was great to have such a good laugh and I am now just looking forward to more of it.
So I will sum up the trip.
Day 1 Duntelchaig - 70ft Wall

Razor flake direct HVS (5b*) rain threatening. Bent Peg (HVS 5c) raining, used aid, walk off, stepped in poo (human).
70ft wall (HVS 5b) thuggy not quite with it! Sun.
Looked for Misty Crack (E1 5b*) didn't find it. Found it fell off the last move, sore head!

Me on 70ft Wall (photo Guy Steven)
Guy and Ben on Slings
Day 2 Uppercave Crag

Johann in Coffin Corner (HVS 5b**)
Coffin Corner (HVS 5b**).
Squirm (E1 5c*) great fun
Death Head (E1 5b*)
Johann Attempts Rat Race (E4 6a***) leaves it for another day.
I attempt Corpse (E2 5c**) Guy leaves Ben on a ledge and I get stuck one. 'Top rope please'
Ben and I get rescued by Guy.

Day 3 Myopics Buttress

Johann on Marlene
Chopping Block (7b+***) feel fat and weak.
Eat more cake then head to Upper Cave Crag.
Pull on Marlene (7b+***) much harder than chopping block. Rain

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