Blood, Sweat and Tears

Johann and I gave ourselves an early start, because Johann was working at 5, and headed back to the Buachaille. We were hoping to head up to Slime Wall but unfortunately the cloud base was sitting right on Slime Wall so we opted for Aonach Dubh instead.
Due to the current climate the walk in was much sweatier than normal. While walking in we saw a team on our intended route Crocodile (E3 5c***). Which was handy for getting all the beta.
Johann on the first Pitch
After Johann did a great job of completing the route, the drama began to unfold. On reaching the first runner I struggled to get it out. After some gentle manipulation I managed to get the nut to start moving. To get it out though, I realised I had to push it from the bottom up in a twisting fashion and to do this I had to squeeze myself into the corner, with my face directly above the stuck nut.
With my nut key in hand, I pulled so much that when the nut gave in. It popped out with such force that I punched myself in the face. This resulted in me placing the nut key straight into my forehead and the nut straight into my eye. I didn't start properly crying until I saw the blood on my hands.

Laughing after my lucky escape!
Don't ask how but I still managed to climb the route.

Once I got home I had some mail waiting for me from Destination Vinyl. They make personalised stickers for all sorts of things. They're really good quality and not expensive, check them out.

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  1. Every climbing trip with you has some kind of excitement - love it! hope your eye is ok...stickers look ace, might take a gander. you about tonight?