Ridge Day 1

The Cuillin Ridge is the most difficult mountaineering challenge the UK has to offer. This challenge is probably one of the most unique experiences a climber can come across. On the exposed sections of the Cuillin ridge, it has to be  accepted that no mistakes can be made. After a while this becomes metally quite tiring. Plus the fact that you are carrying your food and bivvy kit plus climbing equipment means that you have a long day ahead of you.

Starting at the first Munro

Craig climbing out of the TD gap

A long way to go
After leaving almost everything behind and armed with very little in terms of climbing gear. Craig and I set off at 8.30 to start our traverse of the ridge. We made good progress and fortunately didn't get stuck behind too many queues. We stopped for the night on the beallach before hitting Bidean Druim Nan Rham and luckily someone had left a stash of water there.

Dinner in a bag

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