Kayaking at Stanley

Scott Puller surfing a wee wave
If you are wondering where Ross left his paddle. I was holding it for him in case he lost it.
Scott surfing

Ross demonstrating how to go down The Weir

Not bad for a ginger kid.

Today after college I met up with the Perth Canoe Club, to do a wee bit of kayaking. The weather was really nice and the water was very cold but that didn't stop us from getting wet. 
I was trying to practice my surfing but I was denied quite a few times by the big waves, although I was able to negotiate with the smaller one's. 
Pete did really well today, he managed to 'roll' his boat for the first time outside. After this Pete and I did a few practice rolls just to make sure he didn't forget. Next time he said he will learn how to do some cartwheels.  
Most of the night was spent watching Ross demonstrate that a kayak paddle is a waste of money and teaching Beaton how to use the levers on the outside of a car, I think he got the hang of it.

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