S*!t Hole

Ryan warming down on Start the Fire (F6b+)
The locals
Deep S*!T soloing

Ryan and I headed for Forfar, to visit Balmashanner quarry. I'd been told by many people that the climbing there was great but the location of the climbing wasn't so great. This turned out to be very true. 
To warm up Ryan and I did a new variation of climbing called Deep s@!t soloing. This is very similar to deep water soloing except you climb above a mixture of mud, cow poo and pee. This activity was halted by a wee spat of rain, which forced us to take shelter under the quarry.
Once this stopped we warmed up on a route called 'Start the Fire' (6b+). This is a great route with good holds and 'reachy' moves. After this Ryan continued his warm-up on a 7a, La Bon Vacance, this gained the attention of the locals. Then went bolt to bolt on a 7c+, Gravity's Rainbow.
I went for the 7a but fell off at the third bolt. This became my project for the day however I was unable to get the one move I was failing on but I am very confident it will go next time. 

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