The 6 D's!

I was out with Big Al and Bill today with college. We were going over navigation skills and techniques. I used to think these skills were a black art until I was told the answer through the 6 D's. These are
  • Destination -Where you are going
  • Description - This is your 'tick features' or 'collecting features', a way of mapping the terrain in your head.
  • Duration - How long you will take to get to the Destination
  • Distance - How far you are from the Destination
  • Direction - Compass bearing towards the Destination
  • DOH! - This is an obvious point you will hit if you have gone past your destination.

Not all 6 D's have to be used at the same time, although if you decide to miss some out then this must be done with justification.

As well as the 6 D's we were told not to forget two golden rules. Which are

A CONTOUR is a line matching equal points of equal height and NEVER put your mind where your body hasn't already been.

The only successful bit of nav was through Morrisons car park.
Looking pretty lost

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