Udlaidh Udlaidh Udlaidh Hee Hoo

On Christmas Eve I met up with Jason Mitchell to do some routes on Ben Udlaidh. It was another 5 a.m. start so we could cram as many routes into the day as possible. Unfortunately On arrival Jason informed me that he forgot his helmet. After phoning every number stored on my phone, we bit the bullet and headed back to the Fort to get him a helmet.
We arrived back at the venue, at the more reasonable hour of 8a.m. This however didn't put a dampener on proceedings, we climbed the route and had an excellent day.
Their was a few other groups enjoying the conditions and we watched nervously as someone tried to solo a grade IV, then watched with curiosity as he attempted to escape off the route.

Me on the First Pitch of 'Quartzvien Scoop' (IV,5)

Jason on the Second Pitch

Perfect Weather and Frozen Slings

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