Never Trust Lee

Last night I told work that I wouldn't be able to make it in this morning, this meant I could go and get something done on the Ben. Unfortunately I still had to go in for the evening shift.
Lee, Craig and I walked in together with the idea of splitting up to do separate routes. They were being very indecisive I told them I would take them up North Wall Gully (grade II).
This wasn't our original plan so between the three of us we had; four axes, a 30 metre rope, two harnesses, two slings and two karabiners.
After making good progress up the route we topped out in the best weather I have ever had on the Ben.
We descended down Number 4 gully and I ditched Lee and Craig to join Ben (a random heading for the same route as me) for number two gully (II).
After descending number 4 again it was off to work!

This is what climbers do when they have cold genetals

My Left Variation on North Gully

A couple of...................

Ben climbing Number Two Gully

Ben enjoying the view from the Ben

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