Crest Route

Yesterday Guy was keen for getting on something a little spicy. I was keen for climbing a route above grade IV, something I have never done before. So today we headed into Stob Coire Nan Lochain to have a look at Crest Route (V,6 that's what the guide book said).
The first pitch was a pleasant grade III which felt like a warm up for things to come. Guy started on the second pitch and took his time, I could tell from watching him that this wasn't going to be a walk in the park. Once I started climbing (using the term 'climbing' loosely) I quickly realized that I was well out of my league. This is the most scared I have ever been on any route and I even had a rope above me!
Once I arrived at the belay (which consisted of a frozen in piece of gear and Guy's axes) I didn't feel much safer. When Guy started climbing again and I had to hang my whole body weight off the frozen bit of gear, fun times.
After some more hanging around Guy eventually came to the conclusion that this is a bit desperate!
We bailed and later found out that the route has been upgraded to a VI,6.

Guy Steven Working his way up the route

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