Steal Falls

Topping out

Soloing Steal Falls

First Ascent of Nothing else to do
On finding out that Steal Falls had finally come into condition me and Lorenzo made plans to climb it before he had to go to work that day. So another 5a.m. start was planned so that Lorenzo would have enough time left to get to work. Lorenzo didn't make it because I had the wrong phone number for him but Jason, Bob, Guy and myself did.
The hardest part of the day was keeping the car on the road, especially when it was moving with nobody inside.
We soloed the route and abseiled off to meet lots of people queuing at the bottom we then headed to lots of different waterfalls to see if any were in condition.
To see the route in summer click here.
Off to London for a few days with Anne so I won't be out for a few days.

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