I met up with my Dad last night in Kingussie. For the next few days I was going to be staying with him and the Strathpol Mountain Rescue Team.
Today Steve (my Dad), Alasdair and I decided to go and do Invernookie (III,4**) on Fiaciall Buttress.
This is how the day went.
"Is this the car park?"
"Should be."
"Where is Coire an-t-sneachda?"
"Where is the Car Park?"
"We must be getting closer to Fiaciall Buttress."
"Excuse me do you know where the mess of pottage is?"
"I think we are under Fiaciall Buttress, so the Mess of Pottage is on the other side of the Coire."
"Where is Invernookie?"
"Where is Fiaciall Buttress?"
"Lets just go up here."
"What route are you guys on?"
"Dunno, What are you on?"
"Don't Know!"
"Is this the way down?"
"Its a way down."

Fiaciall Ridge

Walking in

Steve and Alasdair walking off

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