Last night I lost the psyche for climbing however I had already made plans and couldn't go back on them. Therefore Mike and I went into Glencoe to find the Buachaille car park overflowing. We headed round to the North Face of Crowberry Ridge and climbed Engineers Crack (E1 5b**). The climb wasn't too difficult but the entire wall was in the shade. I had to back off from the crux the first time because I couldn't feel my fingers and at each rest point it took a long time for me to warm my fingers up. 
Mike Seconding Engineer's Crack
After after that me and Mike wanted some sun so we headed round to Rannoch Wall, which was had loads of people on it due to both Glasgow and Edinburgh University clubs being in the same area.
Since Mike had never been on the Buachaille we decided to go to the top via Agag's Grooves.  
Mike Soloing Agag's Grooves
 On arrival at the summit we came across an unusual sight when three ladies were at the top wearing dresses and high heels. I think it might have been the MCofS calender shoot for 2011.

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