Poll Dubh and the Arkaig

The plan today was for Craig and I to go up a hill. After dragging myself out of bed and forcing myself to get ready for a long walk in the rain. Just as we were leaving I received a phone call from Richard asking if I was coming into College for the rock climbing sessions. I was gutted to miss my walk in the rain but it would have to wait for another day.
I was assisting in the introduction to rock climbing for the first year students. We were joined by Richard Parker and Alan Halewood. We went over top rope systems, placing protection, building belays and a few other things.
Loachaber College First Year Students
After the college Bridget asked if I was up for the Garry (I never read her text properly but she actually meant Arkaig). It was a case of running home and inhaling dinner then heading out again. The river was the biggest I've ever seen it, I've never run it successfully in low water so I wasn't expecting to be up right during the descent. Much to my surprise I made it down successfully and giggled like a school girl after my victory.

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