Climbing and Kayaking

This morning I had to drive home from Dundee so I could head out climbing. However the weather wasn't too great so we, Al and me, postponed activities for later in the day. I was hoping that this wasn't going to clash with the Kayaking sessions I said I would help out with for the Nevis Canoe Club.
Anyway Al and I eventually headed down the Glen towards Gorge Crag. Al had his eye on an E1 and I was just happy to hold onto some dry rock. Al made great progress up the route and looked really steady, a quick rest before the crux and then he went for it. After trying a few pulls up then trying to put an ankle above his head. 'TAKE' came the shout then he was off (when he fell I got a great photo seen above). Al took a good five metres whip but quickly got back on and topped out.
Al leading 'All our Yesterdays' E1 5b**
After the route we called it a day and I went home and grabbed my kayaking kit and met up with the Canoe Club. Unfortunately I seem to have managed to delete the kayaking pictures but I will try and find them and get them up.

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