The Mental Moriston

Yesterday Bridget invited me out for a trip down the River Moriston; I was well up for it. On the journey up Bridget asked me,
"What's the hardest river you've done?"
"After today it will be the Moriston"
"Ah.....might not have done the right thing by inviting you, oh well!"
When we arrived I had a look at the river and Bridget talked me through all the difficulties and I decided which sections I was going to run. One clear decision I made right from the start was that; if I took a swim, I would count myself lucky that I was alright and call it a day.
On the upper section I made it down following Bridget's instructions the whole way. At one of the last rapids I found myself upside down and arguing with the rocks. After attempting a roll and then waiting for the next opportunity. I came to the conclusion that I didn't quite know where I was or what I was heading for, so I went for a rather entertaining swim.
Another paddler shouted 'Grab my boat!' As I held on I realized that, he was going to paddle the river with me holding onto the back of his boat (in my head I thought, Oh F#!*). He was doing well until he capsized so I let go and let him roll back up, then grabbed on.
I then took the role as camera man and watched how it should be done. I can't wait to go back now.

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