The Etive and The Allt a Chaoruinn

After spending the morning finishing off an essay for college. During which I was constantly receiving phone calls and texts from Jamie,
"Are you ready yet? When will you be ready?"
"I dunno, I haven't even got any of my stuff together yet!"
"I have all your stuff its all in the car ready to go, Hurry up!"
So I walked outside to find Jamie in his car with the passenger door open, signaling to get a move on.
After reaching the Glen I found that Jamie had packed my kayaking stuff but nothing else, So I had to paddle down the river wearing nothing underneath my kayaking gear but my pants.
Unfortunately when it got to the end of the day my camera ran out of battery so I have no footage of Pinball or the Chasm sections on the Allt Chaoruinn. Time for a montage!

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