It's about time I got some pain!

Well I have been enjoying myself too much recently climbing on the Glen, getting out on the Garry and helping out with lots of fun kayaking sessions. It's only fair that I have some bad times to even things out and keep the cosmic balance.

So my kayaking sessions didn't start until 3pm, this gave me loads of time to go and play at the Garry. So I joined Dan and John and did lots of playing. The other good thing about the Garry is that you become a regular and chat to the usual faces and meet loads of new ones as well, it's more of a social club than a river.

Busy times

After spending a lot of time there I then headed out to Loch Eil for some more kayaking sessions with the local schools. All the kids were great fun and were really eager to get wet, possibly too eager since the first question they ask when they get in the boat is 'can we jump in?'

After the session I attended the college end of year gathering were I won £20 of gift vouchers for Nevis Sports. However at the gathering I lost my phone and discovered that my 'bombproof' camera let in water. It is trying to come back to life but it isn't quite there yet.

Anyway more sessions tomorrow then the Garry on Saturday, I am trying my best to keep the unbalance

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