Crowberry Ridge

How I found myself pursuing this line of work was due to my Dad taking me into Glencoe with a book, Scrambles in Lochaber by Noel Williams, in his pocket. I would usually follow him over things like the Aonagh Eagach Ridge, North Buttress of the Buachaille and Curved Ridge.
There was a route taken out of this book because it was deemed to difficult to be a scramble, this was Crowberry Ridge. My Dad's friend had done it and found it a bit of an experience.
So my Dad acquired an old version of the book through eBay and wanted to give it a shot. The main differences being that he was to follow me this time and we were going to take a rope with us. Due to the nice clear skies we (my Dad, Lee and Myself) were able to find the start without to much difficulty. We began up the route to find it a very interesting experience (this is climbers talk for we were s#*!ing ourselves a wee bit). We kept making progress and knew we were on A route because we kept finding pegs all the way up until we topped out in the sun.

We headed down Curved Ridge and since it was a nice day I had a wee blast on Agag's Groove.

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