On ma Todd

So yesterday, after my kayaking sessions, I was really looking forward to getting another full day on the Garry today. However Bridget told me that there was not enough students to cover the climbing competition in the morning. If I could help out it would be doing her and Matt a favour. I owe Bridget a lot of time and a lot of favours. So I had no issue postponing the Garry until the evening which worked out much better.

The climbing competition went really well with all the kids being really great sports. By the time I got to the Garry it was about five. I couldn’t find another body to go with me so I just headed out on my own. I headed down to my now favourite play spot and just chilled.

It was a truly gorgeous day and every time I capsized I didn’t receive that horrible shock I am so used to when kayaking in Scotland. The water was actually quite pleasant to be in. Play Boating gives me a great sense of achievement for the smallest things. Like linking a couple of spins together or managing a back deck roll on your opposite side. Little things like this give you a buzz that you keep going back for more and more.

After messing around for a good few hours I headed home watching a glorious sunset over the hills and lochs, Brilliant.

Yes my camera is still broken.

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